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(The process is ours, the focus is yours, and we begin with the end in mind.)

  1. Understand Your Company
  2. Understand the Selection Criteria
  3. Agree to Finalized Position Specifications
  4. Horizon 500 Research: Target Industries, Companies, and Network Contacts
  5. Horizon 500 Research: Candidate Identification
  6. Opportunity Presentations
  7. Candidate Qualification
  8. Candidate Selection & Presentations
  9. Initial Company Interviews
  10. Subsequent Interviews
  11. Reference Checking
  12. Presentation of Offer
  13. Successful Candidate Resignation & Follow-up
  14. Other Follow-up

Understand Your Company

A successful search results from a partnership that begins with a complete understanding of your company, products and/or services, culture and industry. To build this partnership, we arrange for extensive discussions with company management and other key individuals. We will review business plans, product literature and information documenting past performance of incumbents or predecessors. A tour of your facility is often of great value in understanding your business and culture, as well as representing your opportunity to others.

Understand the Selection Criteria

Face-to-face meetings with company management or others included in the selection decision are critical. This helps us obtain the details needed to conduct an effective search. Engaging these members of your ream also helps ensure their support for the selected candidate and ease their transition to your organization.

We explore far deeper than the information contained in a typical job description. You will be asked to identify and rank the qualifications of your desired candidate. Our experience has shown that investing time and sharing information at the beginning of a search increases the speed and quality of your search.

Agree to Finalized Position Specifications

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we work closely with you to draft a highlights profile of the position. This resulting document allows you to verify that we’ve accurately assessed your need, and will serve as the cornerstone of our search efforts. The profile will be a primary tool as we aggressively market your opportunity within an industry, region or your local community.

Horizon 500 Research: Target Industries, Companies, and Network Contacts

After developing a solid understanding of your company, the environment, and position you must fill, we initiate an extensive research process. We will identify potential target companies, networking associations, groups and individuals. In addition to relying on our own in-depth reference materials, an extensive proprietary database, and a range of technical libraries and online resources, we can acquire additional specific information resources to dramatically improve and expedite our candidate identification process.

Horizon 500 Research: Candidate Identification

Our candidate search process will identify specific individuals who are contributing to the success of organizations that correlate to your industry or company. We will then narrow the focus to the highest-potential candidates as we begin our aggressive campaign to develop the short list of qualified individuals.

Opportunity Presentations

The bulk of a well-executed search involves presenting an opportunity to those who may not be seeking an immediate change of employment. Whether by phone, e-mail, online messaging, or in writing, we reach out to these prospects to assess both their potential interest in your company’s opportunity and their likely fit with your culture. Those who appear to fit your requirements are asked to submit a resume or background summary for additional consideration.

Candidate Qualification

Following a review of the submitted credentials, extensive telephone conversations, and review of additional relevant information, we may further explore the candidate’s skills and qualifications. We rely on an extensive questionnaire that helps us determine whether candidates should be included on the short list of individuals who merit continued consideration. We may arrange personal meetings to further determine qualifications, interest level, and fit, and may also arrange a company visit for them. We investigate as deeply as necessary to give us absolute confidence in them as a viable candidate.

Candidate Selection & Presentations

Based on our assessment of all available information, we are finally prepared to present the short list of most-qualified candidates for your consideration. We also provide our written recommendations to aid in your decision-making process. We will discuss our search process to validate that our research was on target, review the communications to date, and come to agreement on the next steps to be taken.

Initial Company Interviews

After you have reviewed our submissions, we arrange initial interviews with the candidates you are interested in meeting. Prior to those meetings, we thoroughly brief the candidates on the immediate challenges, future plans, and the individuals at your company who will be involved in the interviews and decision-making process. We direct candidates to relevant background information to ensure that they are well informed about your organization. Following the interviews, we conduct a thorough debriefing with the company and each candidate.

Subsequent Interviews

Based on the initial interviews, you may elect to have additional discussions with the preferred candidates. We continue to arrange all subsequent company interviews, with the goal of narrowing the selection process to a single preferred candidate. As the process begins to intensify and focus, we maintain regular contact with both you and the active candidates to monitor levels of interest and other issues that may surface.

Reference Checking

Once you have selected the preferred candidates, we conduct extensive reference checking with former superiors, associates, peers, subordinates, industry contacts, or any other appropriate sources. Where possible, we seek references that are, or have been, close to the candidate in their current position, without jeopardizing an individual’s confidentiality. You will receive a summary of these findings.

Presentation of Offer

We assist you in the structuring of a total compensation package by providing you our assessment of the candidate’s expectations. We don’t want an offer to be presented unless we know in advance what the likely candidate response will be. If you prefer, we can present your offer to the candidate and mediate any differences. Our preference is to have all potential issues addressed and satisfied prior to the time you and the candidate discuss your offer of employment.

Successful Candidate Resignation & Follow-up

Once a candidate accepts your offer, we counsel your new employee through an appropriate resignation procedure as needed and deal with any counter-offer issues in advance. Following resignation, we maintain contact with an individual until they report for work with the company to ensure a smooth separation and transition.

Other Follow-up

With the search completed and the position filled, we contact the unsuccessful candidate finalists to inform them of your decision and to thank them for their interest in the opportunity. Our clients have found it helpful for our firm to continue a dialogue, over the next year and beyond, with the successful candidate. We want to ensure a long-term association that is mutually satisfying and rewarding.